direct contact: 661-803-0347


The Addams Family Fauna Amor dir: Barry Sonnenfield, Paramount
Addams Family Values Fauna Amor dir: Barry Sonnenfield, Paramount
Hellraiser: Inferno Twin #1 dir: Scott Derrickson, Handbasket
Shakespeare’s Plan 12 From Outer Space Attendant dir: Spike Stewart


The Pretender Guest Star dir: Terence O'Hara, MTM
3rd Rock From the Sun Guest Star dir: Robert Berlinger, Carsey-Werner

Internet/New Media

Funny or Die Guest Star Funny or Die
Girl Parts Guest Star Blip TV/Virgin Atlantic
SkyMall The Musical Co-star Claire Partin

Commercials/print credits available upon request (20+ bookings) 

Theatre/Staged Reading

Changes in the Mating Strategies… Roxanne dir: Solange Castro, Los Angeles


Advanced Comedy - CURRENTLY Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher Actors Comedy Studio
Song Improv - CURRENTLY Phyllis Katz The Groundlings
1⁄2 hour Comedy (single/multi cam) Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher Actors Comedy Studio
Sitcom Acting Mary Lou Belli Actor's Network
Scene Study *3 years Nina Foch Nina Foch Studio
Scene Study *4 years James Best James Best Studio
Bachelor of Arts Theatre CSUN

Special Skills

25 years as teacher of ESL, current passport
cooking, knitting, excellent with children & animals

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